Danube Bike Trail Guide 1: German Danube, Donaueschingen to Passau 1:50.000


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The Danube is not merely one of Europe’s great rivers. At 2,888 kilometers from the source of the Breg and 2,845 kilometers from the confluence of the Breg, Brigach and Danube Spring in Donaueschingen, it is the second longest river in Europe; only the Volga (3,534 kilometers) is longer. It is one thousand kilometers longer than the Rhine, and collects water from a catchment basin that is more than four times as large. The Danube flows through or along the borders of ten nations and has long served as one of the most important transportation links between Europe and Asia. Let us follow the Danube from its modest beginnings in southwestern Germany. Deep in the Black Forest, a few kilometers northwest of Furtwangen, the map notes the source of the Danube. If one follows this tiny stream, it reaches the village of Zindelstein, where it acquires a name: the Breg. It keeps this name as far as Donaueschingen, where it meets a second stream, the Brigach, coming from near Triberg to the north. The two streams merge and acquire a new name, the Danube (Donau in German), which it keeps in various forms and languages all the way to the Black Sea. Rutas en bicicleta.